Wednesday, December 18, 2013

10 good sides of Cucumber as food

Cucumber is a very popular vegetable over the world. The scientific name of cucumber is Cucumis Sativus. The largest amount of cucumber cultivation is done by China and it is 60% in percentage. Its a good and essential foods for almost all type of people. The cucumber contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Dietary fiber, Sugar. And contains 0% of fat. There are 10 very useful good sides of eating cucumber pointed next of the article.

  1. Cucumber recuperate joint pain of human body.
  2. Burns up cholesterol.
  3. Help to loose extra weight from body.
  4. Improves digestive action.
  5. Helps to recover headaches problem.
  6. Fights and works against cancer.
  7.  Fills up lacking of Mineral & water.
  8. Make hair silky.
  9. Useful for diabetes  patients.
  10. functionate against high blood-pressure.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mind 5 things before have warm water bath

Some says bathing with warm water causes wrinkles skin. But its actually not harmful as much as many thinks about it. Its not good for health when its hot not warm. Sometimes having a bath with warm water is called as water therapy. Taking warm water while bathing in regular basis can cause side effects. But It can be healthy if we take care some of easy points while taking bath by warm water.

  1. Water for having a bath should be gently hot that may not over heated. That means make the water warm not hot. Over heated water can causes many of side effects for skin and health.
  2. People who suffers from insomnia or wakefulness are highly recommended to not take bath by warm water. It can be cost high. Some health advisers says its about a self suicide decision if a insomnia invaded human takes warm water bath.
  3. Pregnant women's are highly discouraged to to take bath by warm water that is heated over 37°C.
  4. Never take a warm water bath after having a hard labour. First take rest for 30 minutes then prepare and go for a warm water bath.
  5. Keep head, hands, legs both of three away from warm water while having bath. Cause by both of three  organ of the human body over heat of human body outflows. So just normally flow warm water on your body and enjoy a comfortable bath.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Controll many of diseases simply by scheduled and routined water drinking

Many of diseases like Headache, body pain , heart problems , arthritis , fast heart rate , epilepsy , obesity , bronchitis , asthma , kidney and urine diseases , vomiting , gyastraitisa , diarrhea , pailasa , diabetes , constipation , eye diseases , nose and throat disorders, menstrual problems can be controlled easily by proper and scheduled water drinking. The steps are really simple. And you will became habituated after practicing few of days.

  • Take four glass of pure mineral drinking water just before brushing on morning. It will may tough for some people who are weak and old. So try to increase water amount day by day.
  • Take your as usual and normal foods after 45 minutes of taking scheduled morning water.
  • Take little amount of water like half or less half of glass after Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Do eat or drink or eat anything else after having Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 15 minutes to 2 hour.

Those are the fully natural way to control the above mentioned diseases. And this treatment has no side effects at all without a little bit of urine.