Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Controll many of diseases simply by scheduled and routined water drinking

Many of diseases like Headache, body pain , heart problems , arthritis , fast heart rate , epilepsy , obesity , bronchitis , asthma , kidney and urine diseases , vomiting , gyastraitisa , diarrhea , pailasa , diabetes , constipation , eye diseases , nose and throat disorders, menstrual problems can be controlled easily by proper and scheduled water drinking. The steps are really simple. And you will became habituated after practicing few of days.

  • Take four glass of pure mineral drinking water just before brushing on morning. It will may tough for some people who are weak and old. So try to increase water amount day by day.
  • Take your as usual and normal foods after 45 minutes of taking scheduled morning water.
  • Take little amount of water like half or less half of glass after Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Do eat or drink or eat anything else after having Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 15 minutes to 2 hour.

Those are the fully natural way to control the above mentioned diseases. And this treatment has no side effects at all without a little bit of urine.

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