Monday, December 7, 2015

Side effects of taking Kajal

South Asian women’s specially Indian & Bangladeshi woman’s use kajal to get attractive I shape from the yore. But most of them didn’t know how side effects are caused by Kajal. That’s why most the woman’s use Kajal unnecessarily even sometime they get slipped keeping Kajal in eye. Kajal can cause allergic in adverse reaction. Also Kajal can cause Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacterial infection in eye. Even eye petal can wear drop cause of kajal’s side effect.

So beware before using Kajal in eye & save your eye from damage.

How to use Inhaler

Keep yourself calm & sit down strait in acute attack by spasmodic asthma. Shake salbutamol filled inhaler 5 times, Inhale the medicine 5 times, and Keep breath stopped for 5 seconds between each inhale. Follow & do the same again after 5 minutes.

Take advice from doctor if the situation remains unchanged.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reasons why people should avoid eating chips - Why not Chips!

Chips are the most affordable fast food today. You can easily get a packet of chips from your nearby General shop. Chips are tasty, crispy, affordable & easily reachable that’s why chips may one of the mostly popular snacks.

But this amusing tasty snack contains acrylamide. Acrylamide is responsible fact for cancer risk. Not only potato, any other sugar contained food creates acrylamide if it burned or cooked in high temperature. Foods like French fries & Potato chips also create acrylamide if it is burned or cooked over 212 Fahrenheit temperature.  In that case all other sugar containing food like crispy breads also becomes includable in the list.

Here is a list of how large amount of acrylamide formed in food:
    • Grain-based coffee substitutes : 5.399ppm
    • Dehydrated onion soup mix : 1.184ppm
    • Potato chips : 9270ppb
    • French fries : 1.325ppm

      Friday, November 27, 2015

      How to control diabetes (blood sugar) by healthy food habits

      Diabetes is a commonly populated disease. Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease includes over leveled blood sugar. Frequent urination, incremental thirst & increment of hunger are the common symptoms of high blood sugar or diabetes. And many of long term serious complications caused by high blood sugar such as Heart stroke, various eye problems, Ulcers in foot, chronic kidney failure, cardiovascular disease. Even every part of human body gets affected by diabetes/high blood sugar.

      There is two type of Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is “Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus”. Type 1 diabetes starts when pancreas’s fails to produce enough insulin.  Type 2 diabetes forms from insulin resistance. In type 2 Diabetes cells fails to respond insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by healthy & routine food habits. And almost 80% of type 2 diabetes can be controlled through healthy food habits.

      • First you have to know what balanced food is & what healthy food is. If your everyday food contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin & mineral with a good balance then it will be called a balanced & healthy food. How much amount of food you have taken daily depends on such thing like your weight, height & on the type of your daily physical labor.
      • Over weight, fat and lack of physical labor often increases the chance of diabetes. That’s why it’s very important to build a balanced & healthy food practice. If your weight is not proper as per height then you have to adjust how much carbohydrates you have to take daily.
      • Avoid taking sugar, beverage, soft drinks, sweet. Choose complex carbohydrates & fibered foods instead of those as Sugar, beverage, soft drinks, and sweets provide carbohydrates to body easily and those are consumed easily by body. Boiled rice, wheat, barley, and maize are better choice in this case.
      • Prefer eating 5/6 times a day slightly rather than eating large amount 2/3 times a day. Take breakfast on time regularly.
      • At least do 30 minutes physical exercise daily. It’s good to exercise regularly on fixed time & regularly. If there is challenge to have outdoor exercise then complete it indoor.
      • Check purchased foods sugar, carbohydrates & fats percentage before consuming. Avoid rich foods.

      Wednesday, November 25, 2015

      How to get rid of chapped lip in winter season

      “I need coffee
      To wake me up these days
      But I’d rather
      Have your lips
      Wake me up
      Every Morning.”

      Weather remains dry in winter. Your beautiful lips becomes dry sometimes too in winter. The problem increases as coldness of winter increases day by day. Lips get affected first & fast as lips derm is very thin & sensible. Even sometime it causes bleeding & resurfaces of skin. We recommend below tips to get rid of dry & chapped lip in winter season.
      Uses of Lip balm & Petroleum jelly are recommended during winter season. Keep Petroleum jelly or lip balm with you when you are going out of home.
      Never try to wet lip by tongue as mouths organic chemicals dried lips quickly.
      Lip dries in lack of water too. To avoid this drink enough water daily.
      Lips get chapped in lack of Vitamin & Mineral too. Keep adequate fruits & vegetables in your daily food list.
      Never pull off the dried skin from lip. It will wound & can cause bleeding. Better way is to use thick layer in lip before go to bed & pull off it by rubbing toothbrush.
      And last but not the least avoid using sweet taste lip balms & Petroleum jelly as those will force tongue to lip & in result lip will be dried.

      Hope this will help you to fight against dry & chapped lip.

      Tuesday, June 24, 2014

      Taking breakfast in the morning helps to keep brain active

      There are many of people who are not careful about having morning breakfast properly due to insufficient time or for busy schedule.

      In a recent research scientists have proved that " those people who takes his breakfast regularly in the morning & didn't gives up his breakfast are proactive with retention on their service, Business or Study".