Friday, November 27, 2015

How to control diabetes (blood sugar) by healthy food habits

Diabetes is a commonly populated disease. Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease includes over leveled blood sugar. Frequent urination, incremental thirst & increment of hunger are the common symptoms of high blood sugar or diabetes. And many of long term serious complications caused by high blood sugar such as Heart stroke, various eye problems, Ulcers in foot, chronic kidney failure, cardiovascular disease. Even every part of human body gets affected by diabetes/high blood sugar.

There is two type of Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is “Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus”. Type 1 diabetes starts when pancreas’s fails to produce enough insulin.  Type 2 diabetes forms from insulin resistance. In type 2 Diabetes cells fails to respond insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by healthy & routine food habits. And almost 80% of type 2 diabetes can be controlled through healthy food habits.

  • First you have to know what balanced food is & what healthy food is. If your everyday food contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin & mineral with a good balance then it will be called a balanced & healthy food. How much amount of food you have taken daily depends on such thing like your weight, height & on the type of your daily physical labor.
  • Over weight, fat and lack of physical labor often increases the chance of diabetes. That’s why it’s very important to build a balanced & healthy food practice. If your weight is not proper as per height then you have to adjust how much carbohydrates you have to take daily.
  • Avoid taking sugar, beverage, soft drinks, sweet. Choose complex carbohydrates & fibered foods instead of those as Sugar, beverage, soft drinks, and sweets provide carbohydrates to body easily and those are consumed easily by body. Boiled rice, wheat, barley, and maize are better choice in this case.
  • Prefer eating 5/6 times a day slightly rather than eating large amount 2/3 times a day. Take breakfast on time regularly.
  • At least do 30 minutes physical exercise daily. It’s good to exercise regularly on fixed time & regularly. If there is challenge to have outdoor exercise then complete it indoor.
  • Check purchased foods sugar, carbohydrates & fats percentage before consuming. Avoid rich foods.

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