Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reasons why people should avoid eating chips - Why not Chips!

Chips are the most affordable fast food today. You can easily get a packet of chips from your nearby General shop. Chips are tasty, crispy, affordable & easily reachable that’s why chips may one of the mostly popular snacks.

But this amusing tasty snack contains acrylamide. Acrylamide is responsible fact for cancer risk. Not only potato, any other sugar contained food creates acrylamide if it burned or cooked in high temperature. Foods like French fries & Potato chips also create acrylamide if it is burned or cooked over 212 Fahrenheit temperature.  In that case all other sugar containing food like crispy breads also becomes includable in the list.

Here is a list of how large amount of acrylamide formed in food:
    • Grain-based coffee substitutes : 5.399ppm
    • Dehydrated onion soup mix : 1.184ppm
    • Potato chips : 9270ppb
    • French fries : 1.325ppm

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