Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to get rid of chapped lip in winter season

“I need coffee
To wake me up these days
But I’d rather
Have your lips
Wake me up
Every Morning.”

Weather remains dry in winter. Your beautiful lips becomes dry sometimes too in winter. The problem increases as coldness of winter increases day by day. Lips get affected first & fast as lips derm is very thin & sensible. Even sometime it causes bleeding & resurfaces of skin. We recommend below tips to get rid of dry & chapped lip in winter season.
Uses of Lip balm & Petroleum jelly are recommended during winter season. Keep Petroleum jelly or lip balm with you when you are going out of home.
Never try to wet lip by tongue as mouths organic chemicals dried lips quickly.
Lip dries in lack of water too. To avoid this drink enough water daily.
Lips get chapped in lack of Vitamin & Mineral too. Keep adequate fruits & vegetables in your daily food list.
Never pull off the dried skin from lip. It will wound & can cause bleeding. Better way is to use thick layer in lip before go to bed & pull off it by rubbing toothbrush.
And last but not the least avoid using sweet taste lip balms & Petroleum jelly as those will force tongue to lip & in result lip will be dried.

Hope this will help you to fight against dry & chapped lip.

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